• Wolf Minutes to Moonrise Signs (21 downloads)

    Just the “Minutes to Moonrise” signs used in for A Wolf By Any Other Name. 45 mins, 30 mins, 15 mins, and 5 mins. Designed to be printed double-sided (same message on both sides).

  • Wolf Game Docs Complete (24 downloads)

    64 pages of documents you can choose to print (and reprint) to supplement your Wolf By Any Other Name game! Includes: “Minutes to Moonrise” signs; House Posters; Path Posters; Detention Bingo cards; Detention Appeals Forms; official Magimundi correspondence; and some class notes of good (and not-so-good) students; and more!

  • Wolf Rules (1441 downloads)

    These are the official rules for the popular larp-in-a-box A Wolf By Any Other Name. This 16-page booklet gives you a complete script for a facilitator to run the game. Be sure to also download the Game Documents file, which has all of your ephemera: Path posters, House Posters, signs, Detention Bingo, clues, and more.

  • Where's Prickles PSD Template (124 downloads)

    Download this template to add Prickles to your profile picture or avatar.