Who can attend New World Magischola?

New World Magischola is open to all participants who are age 18 by the date of the event. There is no upper age limit and we have players of all ages. Participants will play college students, or school faculty and staff. For younger players in middle and high school, Magischola Prep is available.


What if I’ve never larped before?

This larp is designed for you! We have designed this game to be easy-to-learn and open to everyone. This larp does not use complicated conflict resolution systems, character build points, or experience levels. Instead it focuses on relationships, immersion, and story. There is no physical combat in this game. Spell-casting mechanics and play techniques will be taught in workshops prior to the game, and each player will have access to a character coach to help you flesh out the character concept you are given by the organizers. There are also no minimum costuming requirements. Everything you need to play will be provided (except for your wand, as detailed above). You’ll also be part of player groups to help you prepare prior to the event.