What dorm buildings are we using for New World Magischola?

We are using DuPont Hall, which is ADA­-compliant, has air­-conditioned dorms, and an elevator. These dorms have a locked exterior door (accessible by your key card) then long hallways with doors to suites that connect two bedrooms and a bathroom. Rooms may be on the first, second, or third floors. You can find more information here.


How often will be in our dormitory rooms?

Realistically? Between midnight and 7 a.m. There are in­game activities until 1:00 a.m. and gameplay resumes at 8:00 a.m. Nearly all game interactions will be in the common rooms, classrooms, and on campus. Dorm rooms are “off-­game” by default and are designed to be an off-­character sanctuary space. You will be moving between classes, extra­curricular activities, meals, and excursions most of the time. The dormitories are near the classroom buildings and the buildings with the common rooms, but there are no classrooms, common rooms or meeting spaces in the dorms themselves.


What size are the beds?

Every bed is a twin xl bed.


Is it possible to get a room to myself?

Yes. One of the package upgrades to your ticket is a single occupancy upgrade. 


I have a particular roommate I want to stay with. Can you put us together?

Both parties should indicate they want to stay with the other person on their survey, and must include their friend’s email. If both do not indicate the other person, the match may not be made (we have to be sure *both* parties agree to the rooming arrangement).


Can I be a roommate with someone who isn’t in the same NWM house as me?

Yes!  Rooms are considered off-game by default. Our participants’ comfort with their roommate exceeds any wish to try to keep roommates within an NWM house.  Also, many 1st year students will have their room assignments before they have a house anyway.


Can we switch roommates once the room assignments are out?

Any time there are logistical changes, it takes a lot of time and manual labor. We hope you will respond to the requests for roommate preference when we distribute them, so that the initial assignments are as accurate as possible. That said, changes are inevitable, and we will do our best to make it work so that everyone’s happy.


Can my room be an in-­character area?

Rooms are out of character by default, but if occupants agree, this can be changed as needed. 1:00 am to 7:00 am is considered sleep time, however, when the game is not currently going, to allow everyone to get some rest. There are no night mods or ambushes in this game. Please get your rest.


How are the bathrooms set up?

Bathrooms are in­-suite bathrooms. You only share the bathroom with your roommate and suitemate(s). Each bathroom is a sink, shower, and toilet, with a door. Think of a hotel bathroom. There are also gender-neutral public bathrooms on the first floor of DuPont near “The Pit” and in or near every House Common Room. All public bathrooms in the buildings that are exclusively ours will be gender-neutral. Bathrooms in Sadler Hall are labeled for Women, Men, and Gender Neutral.


Do I have to room with someone of a different gender?

On the survey you will get to identify your gender and to state if you would prefer to room with, or have a suite with others of the same gender as you, or if that doesn’t matter to you.


Can I decorate my room?

Yes, but respect the facilities, and keep in mind the rules (such as no open flames, no hot pots), etc. You may attach things to the wall, but please use the adhesive putty and not tape. Check with your roommate or suitemates before applying decoration to shared areas.


When will I get my roommate assignment?

We cannot assign roommates until we get the final housing arrangements from the venue, which will not occur until mid-­late May. We intend to have rooming assignments completed for NWM 1 and 2 by June 1. Depending on workload, rooming assignments for NWM 3 and 4 may not occur until after June 26, when NWM 2 ends.


I have a medical reason to room with someone. Can you accommodate that?

Yes. Please indicate that in the “Is there anything else we should know?” field on the survey.


I need an ADA compliant room and a place to store or charge my accessibility device. Can you accommodate that?

The dormitory is ADA­-compliant and has an elevator. Certain rooms are designated accessibility rooms. 


What if I have problems with my roommate at the game?

While we hope that you are able to work these situations out, there are a limited number of alternate rooms that you could be switched to if you prefer. These may be in the NPC area, depending on availability.


I have accessibility requirements for attendance, can I use my wheelchair / bring my service animal?

Yes!  Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.  Service animals are welcome, but the site does require that the animal be clearly marked as such. (Wearing the standard vests is sufficient. Costuming the service animal is welcome as long as the costume doesn’t obscure the vest.) If you have a specific accessibility need, be sure to contact the organizers and we will work with you.