Where will New World Magischola be held?

New World Magischola will be held on the beautiful and historic grounds of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. William & Mary is the second oldest college in the United States, but has fully modern bathrooms, technology, and accommodates people with accessibility needs. There’s a forest, a lake, air-conditioned dormitories, secret gardens, and a strong sense of history. We will enhance the setting with a team of scenographers, set designers, and lighting/sound designers to create a truly magical experience. Richmond is the closest international airport, and is about a 45 minute drive from the college. There is also an Amtrak station that runs from Richmond to Williamsburg that is close to the college.


Williamsburg weather ranges from the mid-80s to mid-90s during the day and mid-60s to low- 70s in the evening/night. There is always a chance of thunderstorms daily, depending on the humidity. Thunderstorms arise quickly and are over quickly, and generally cool things down. They tend to happen in the late afternoon or early evening if they occur. It is rare in the summer to have a full day of rain, but that is not impossible.

We suggest that you bring an umbrella and some clothes and shoes that can be used in wet weather. Of course, extra socks are encouraged :).

All indoor spaces we will be using (DuPont dorm, Sadler Center, and the lounges in the Botetourt Complex) are air-conditioned and a lot of day-time play will be indoors. Outdoor activities will be primarily in shaded areas and in short duration. Sunscreen and a sunshade hat are good ideas, though, if you are fair-skinned or have complications from direct sunlight.