How are characters created?

Players will be asked for their preferences for year, house, and major, and organizers will do their best to give players their choices. You will receive a character concept with a character last name, first initial, former school, year, path, house, and heritage. It will also include a basic backstory, some questions about motivation for the player to consider, and some suggestions for goals and relationships. Players will also have access to character coaches, who will help them build on this character concept to take ownership of it and to turn it into their own fully formed character. Major changes to the character need to be cleared with the organizers to ensure that another person’s game is not affected. Characters are not based on attributes, skills, levels, or categories, and there are no points or builds to use or exhaust. 


Can I be a professor?

This is a very common question! If we said “yes!” to everyone who wanted to be a professor, we would have a game full of professors and very few students to take their classes. A separate process for interviewing and selecting professors will be held among the people who have purchased tickets for each run. Professors play a very important role as playmakers and playgivers in the game, and they will be working closely with the organizers to develop magical curricula and to understand the expectations of this game design and style. We will post more information about applying to be a professor after the tickets for each event are sold. In short, the more players in the game, the more professors are needed, so a game with 80 players has far fewer professors than one with 160.


When will we receive characters?

Players who purchase tickets to the events will receive their character concepts and coaches in April. We will have channels through Facebook and the website set up so players can meet other players whose characters are in the same house, path, former school, year, and other groups such as heritage or clubs.


Can I write my own character?

You have a lot of flexibility with adapting the character concept you are given, so we do ask you to use that as a starting point in general. Characters created from the ground up may be approved by the character coach and organizers on a case-by-case basis. We need enough characters in each year, house, major, and heritage status, for example, and many characters have specific relationships or plot elements that affect the larger game for everyone. This is a new type of larp style for many players from North America, and we recognize that this character creation process is different from what you may be used to. We have planned a lot of communication prior to the event and on-site workshops that everyone partakes in to help you learn how this game is played, and create relationships with other characters and players. 


Can I be a character from the Harry Potter fiction?

This is a magical school set in the current modern year in North America, with new characters and new plots. The Harry Potter fiction is inspirational, but none of our fiction or content will include that intellectual property.


I took the NWM House Quiz and it put me in [House] when I wanted to be in [Other House], does this mean I have to be a member of [House] in the event?

No!  The quiz is intended for entertainment and to get people thinking about their characters and the houses.  We will try to get the players into their preferred house as best we can while keeping the distribution even. Players whose characters are first-years will be sorted into their house during the game itself. 


I want to be an Artificer, does that mean I have to be in Lakay Laveau?

No!  Each house will have students pursuing each path of study. For example, there are Marshals in Dan Obeah, Casa Calisaylá, Lakay Laveau, and House Croatan, not just in Maison Du Bois. Each House Founder is associated with a particular magical tradition, but modern day house members do not need to follow in their footsteps.


Can I still get my pick of the houses if I’m playing as a 1st year?

Like players of any year, you do get some say! First years “apply” to houses, and can make their preferences known to the House Presidents. Your character makes it clear why they would be a good fit during orientation and has a chance to demonstrate their loyalty and worth.  The House Presidents get together and “draft” first-year students into the houses (and off-game we have oversight of this to try to accommodate preferences). But every 1st year student has to have a house and the numbers need to balance. There may also be an in-game character reason for certain outcomes so we can’t say that every 1st year will get the house they want (the same as 2nd and 3rd years when characters are distributed).

If you are playing in a second semester event, all players will begin the game already belonging to a House. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s personal preferences while maintaining an overall balance for the game.


What kind of costuming should I bring?

To play in this game, you need a wand. We’ll provide you with a robe and tie so that your character is in uniform. Hats are traditionally the student choice to express fashion sense, but keep in mind that our game takes place in a warm climate in June and July. You can be as mundane or as wizard-y as you like. There is a formal dance at the event Saturday, where the uniform is suspended, so your character can be free to wear whatever they choose, which is another costume opportunity.  Professors wear whatever they want: robes, jeans, tweed, pajamas, matched, clashing, practical, ridiculous, and no one would dare suggest they look anything but absolutely smashing.